We’re Pretty Brown and Nerdy, a youtube channel ran by three nerdy girls Jazmine, Cheyenne and Camille! Through our channel we excitedly discuss all things nerd culture. The channels inception in 2014 was born out of us finding a hole in the community that we knew we could fill with our passion and knowledge combined for different things that fall under the nerd umbrella. Be the change you want to see in the world is the motto we go by.




I’m Jazmine, based in Dallas, tx. I enjoy indulging in a plethora of all things nerdy. When I’m not wasting my life away working in the everyday 9 to 5 corporate job, I enjoy playing video games and watching tv shows. My guilty pleasure is televised award shows and gaming convention live streams. I’m very opinionated, so I find myself discussing a number of different issues within society with friends on social networking sites. I am very into the video game industry. It’s such a broad category for me that I could discuss different subjects related to it for hours.
I’m very passionate about cosplay and work on making cosplays for cons I attend throughout the year.

Likes: sewing, games, dogs, fashion, hats, food, sweets

Dislikes: traffic, ignorant people, PT Cruisers, lag, slow internet, smacking

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IG: @mocolatte

Cosplay Facebook Page : Moco Latte Cosplaycamilletext


Hey ya’ll I’m Camille! I’m from Dallas, Texas and I like to hangout on the internet! And what I mean by that is, the web is the space I occupy most– where I connect with friends, keep up with a constant stream of news, watch shows, read comics, passionately defend my ideals, work out my anxieties and more! By day I am on my retail grind and by night am tasked with my many hobbies: cooking, sometimes cosplay, general nerd crafting i.e. knitting, bath product making, doodling (all usually fandom related). Or I’m just scrolling tumblr and eating fruit snacks. Anyway, I dabble in a lot because I get distracted easily, not to worry though I always manage to get it together enough to share with you what I’m passionate about!

Likes: mangos, cats, intersectional feminism, earl grey tea, deep conditioning

Dislikes: apples, dog breath, misogynists/menimists, detox teas that taste like dirt, pretty much every process involved taming my hair other than deep conditioning

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IG&Twitter : @afroeccentrixcheyennetext



Hey guys~! Cheyenne here! I’m not very good at introductions… Erm…Well, for starters, I practically live online. And I am super okay with that. I have 2 other youtube channels. One where I make rants and skits to kind of express my creative side, the other one where I talk about my obsession with Korean pop music (if you’re a KPOP fan, we can hang!) As you can see, I am interested in a lot. Video games, DC Comic Heroes and (insert favorite TV shows here) are some of my interests. Let’s be friends!

Likes: Dragonball related things, Apple products, anything Batman related

Dislikes: Nerd elitists, folk who don’t take me seriously because I am a woman, Sally mae

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IG&Snapchat&Twitter: @cheyenneyoutube