So I saw this clip on my facebook wall of this tiny mummy and was like, what’s this? so I decided to check it out cause I was looking for some new anime to watch cause I was been binge watching Fairy Tail like 6 times already (I’m pretty sure I can act out every season). So I plopped down on my bed and find the show and began watching it. So here his my thoughts from watching the first episode.




Episode 1 title “white,round,tiny,wimpy and ready” introduces us to Sora Kashiwagi, a young student who is sent a gift by his father. Sora is sent a tiny mummy by his father and due to previous bad experiences from gifts by his father, Sora doesn’t warm up to the mummy at first but slowly he does and names the mummy Mii-kun.  Sora has a pet dog name Pochi that doesn’t seem to get along with his masters new pet and soon both Pochi and Mii-kun bark for Sora’s attention. Sora has an aunt named Kaede who is in her room the entire episode because she is working hard to finish before the deadline. Sora then learns somethings about Mii-kun as the episode progress such as that Mii-kun really like shirataki . Tazuki, Sora’s close friend is invited to see the mummy and develops a great desire to “mess around” with the mummy which scares Mii-Kun. The episode end with Mii-Kun and Sora enjoying a nice warm bath.


How To Keep A Mummy is very cute and heartwarming. I never thought that I would ever find a mummy adorable but now I want a plushie of Mii-kun.  The show is set for 12 episodes and is streaming on crunchyroll.  This is defintely an anime worth watching and will have you smiling from all the cuteness of Mii-Kun.

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