The trailer for season two of Netflix’s Jessica Jones came out and it looks to be that this season will touch on her origin story. If you’re like me and you didn’t really know who Jessica Jones was before the show’s first season dropped, then you might not really know who this bad ass character even is outside of her show (that’s assuming you aren’t a comic book reader and maybe haven’t picked up her series yet).

But don’t worry, I got you.

Let’s dive into this weeks brief history lesson on the alcoholic private investigator we love: Jessica Jones.

AKA The Rundown

Jessica as Jewel

Jessica Jones was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos making her debut in Alias #1 in 2001. She is known by some as a retcon character because she originally started off as Jessica Campbell, a part of the Spider-Man universe. She was going to speak to Peter Parker right before he got distracted with the radioactive spider. Driving home with her parents, they were struck by a vehicle carrying radioactive chemicals where her parents were unfortunately killed with Jessica falling into a coma. She woke up from her coma during Galactus’ attempt to devour the earth however, was adopted by the Joneses while she was still in her coma.

After she woke up from her coma she enrolled back into Midtown High where Peter tried to befriend her because he felt empathetic towards the fact that she didn’t have her parents anymore, something he was all to familiar with.  Shortly after, the consequences of being exposed to the radioactive chemicals started to kick in. She became the superhero Jewel and fought to stop crime.

Enter: The Purple Man. Known for his mind control powers, he took control of Jessica’s life. During an attempt to kill Daredevil, Jessica went for the first person she saw in a red suit and that turned out to be Scarlet Witch. The Avengers came to the aid and freed her of the control The Purple Man had on her. After turning down an offer to joint he Avengers and being upset that no one noticed her eight month absence, she gave up being a superhero and started her private investigation agency: Alias.

AKA Important Stories

After making her mark in the Marvel Comics universe and shaking her retcon past, Jessica went on to have some great story arcs. For instance, she dated Scott Lang (Ant-Man) briefly but ended up getting pregnant by Luke Cage. During her pregnancy she worked for the Daily Bugle only to quit because she disagreed with J. Jonah Jameson’s

Jessica and Luke get married

opinions of superheroes. Shortly after giving birth, her and Luke got married.

Jessica leaves with their daughter during the Civil War arc because they were against registering. While Jessica and the baby (Danielle, named after Daniel Rand aka Iron Fist) leave for Canada, Luke joins Captain America’s team the Secret Avengers.

She also has a role in both the Secret Invasion and the New Avengers but I will leave that to you to read and find out about on your own!

AKA Is Day Drinking Experience Or A Special Ability?

We all know Jessica is insanely strong based on the show. We know that she also can drink a lot of alcohol without getting alcohol poisoning like us regular folk might end up with. All of that aside, Jessica also has the ability to fly at sub-sonic speed and has a resistance to injury. She wasn’t, however, able to endure a severe beating by Iron Man and the Vision nor take a venom blast from Jessica Drew.

After being mind controlled by The Purple Man, Jean Grey put up mental barriers so now she’s able to combat any mind control in the future.

AKA She’s Got Issues

If you want to read more about Jessica Jones and find out why she makes a pretty solid Marvel character, I suggest starting with the 2001-2004 run of Alias as it’s the one that introduced her. The 2004-2006 run of  The Pulse is Jessica’s move to The Daily Bugle and shows life with Luke post Alias. There is also the 2016 Jessica Jones series spanning 12 issues. For cameos pick up the 2009 Hellcat series with follows Trish Walker aka Patsy Walker aka Hellcat or the 2014 Daredevil which has more of The Purple Man.


Now, this isn’t ALL you need to know on Jessica Jones. There’s so much more about her out there on the web but this is just the gist of her before you inevitably dive into the comics (which I highly recommend you do) or before season two comes out. There’s a high chance season 2 is going to change her backstory which is fine, film and TV are known to do that but knowing more about her in the comic-verse is a great thing to know too!

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Jessica Jones season 2 will be on Netflix March 8th, 2018.

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