Somebody play Christina Milian’s “Call Me, Beep Me” because it’s official! Everyone’s favorite high school cheerleader by day / crime-fighting hero by night is getting her own live-action film! Set to air as a Disney Channel Original Movie, production has already begun the search for our beloved characters from Middleton.  

The successful, emmy-nominated series ran a total of four seasons along with two animated films.  The series creators, Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley wrote the live-action script and will join Zanne Devine (Easy A) in executive producing according to ‘Variety‘.

No word yet on when the movie will debut, but I’m already buzzing about the casting possibilities! Originally voiced by Christy Carlson Romano, the upcoming lead has some major shoes to fill.  

Besides the no-doubt coveted role, who will take on her wacky side-kick, Ron Stoppable? The brainy inventor, Wade? Zany Dr. Drakken or Kim’s badass arch nemesis, Shego?

Whatever the case, there’s ample opportunity for fresh talent to take old fans and newcomers alike by storm!

Who do you think should take on the role of Kim and can the live-action stand up to the original?

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