February 16th is soon upon us, fam. Since the first trailer for Black Panther dropped over 6 months ago, there’s been one question riding in the shadows of everyone’s palpable excitement:

What am I going to wear?

There have been copious memes and jokes—calling on images from the classic Eddie Murphy comedy, Coming to America, for instance— and earnest declarations that we’re going to roll into the theaters looking like veritable royalty for the blackest film event of the year. I hope people are taking us seriously, though. A simple stroll through Black Panther conversation on Twitter shows that fans are eager to show up, show off, and show their love through fashion.

Such conversations have only ramped up since the amazing “royal attire” themed looks worn by the cast and guests on the purple carpet at Black Panther’s Hollywood premiere last week, which—I must say— singlehandedly put every other Hollywood premiere to shame. Forever.

Don’t get it twisted, though. The “royal attire” dress code is not exclusive to swanky Hollywood affairs; the purple carpet extravaganza was like a permission slip to for all of us to turn it out.

After getting a taste of Black Panther’s beautiful cast, gorgeous costuming, and spectacular visuals via trailers and the trickle of production photos that we’ve been given, it’s more than apparent to me that Black Panther is a love letter to blackness. I truly believe that we, the audience, will respond to this love letter in kind with our own fantastic looks for the nationwide premiere night.

So… back to the main question: What are you going to wear? 

Here’s a few suggestions if you’re looking for something to get your fit right for next Friday night:

Grass Fieldsgrass-fields.com

A UK based and black-owned brand which sources the fabrics for their fashions straight from the source in Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, and Ghana. Their one-of-a-kind designs are handmade by a team of seamstresses in the UK. Plus sizes are available, as well as designs for children, and men. (I own two garments from them, I can testify to the amazing quality!) 


Owned by a Nigerian-born woman in the US, this brand that produces bold ready-to-wear designs for women, men, and children. Plus sizes are also available. All garments are made in Philadelphia. 

And if you’re interested in some officially sanctioned Black Panther merchandise:

Loungefly x Marvel – Black Panther Cosplay Crossbody Bag, $70.00 (US) 

Description from Loungefly: Faux leather handbag with metallic appliqué and debossed details. Comes with adjustable shoulder strap. 

If you weren’t already aware, Loungefly is the top dog in fandom fashion. I was super pleased that they jumped right on getting a Black panther design out for us! Their bags are high quality and look amazing with any outfit.

RockLove Jewelry x Marvel for Black Panther, $14.99-89.99 (US)

This jewelry collection looks amazing! The model in the photo is wearing four of the seven available pieces in the collection. I love armor rings so I’m definitely gonna pick that up.

Happy shopping and happy outfit designing! I’ll be back after opening night with my own outfit pictures and street snaps of other fans. If you want to share your Black Panther fashion with me, please send your pictures to me me on twitter @valerieflames!

A well seasoned nerd girl raised in the DMV area but currently residing in the Midwest. I have a passion for geek fashion that's heavily influenced by 80s anime and Harajuku style. I'm a space witch in my spare time. (lol) You can find me crying about anime boys on twitter @valerieflames.