Okay for this week’s episode of the CW show “Black Lightning” called “Black Jesus”, it got pretty interesting. It starts off with one of Jefferson Piecre’s (Black Lightning) students screaming in the boy’s bathroom. At first Jefferson thinks the boy is having a drug overdose, but then the student shows acts of extreme aggression and lashes out on Jefferson with superhuman strength, Jefferson realizes this is more than just any regular drug.

When Jefferson confronts the student about who sold him the drugs, he reveals that it from a local drug dealer connected to the 100 gang. Jefferson and Gambi do some research and find out a childhood friend of Jefferson is connected to the 100 gang and he needs answers. On the other side of the story Jennifer goes to see her boyfriend Kalil in the hospital after he is shot by one of Tobias’s henchman in last week’s episode. Although she is trying to be supportive for him, her hope for his recovery slowly decline hen the doctor’s tell him his spine as shattered and he won’t be able to walk again. Another thing see in this episode is the reveal of Tobias’s younger sister from Miami who wants to help her brother kill Black Lightning.

On Anissa’s side of the story you can see her slowly start to adjust to her powers hen she confronts to local drug dealers who were selling to her students. She also has a new love interest sparking up with a bartender from last episode. Near the end of the episode hen some members from the 100 gang confront Anissa and her, Anissa uses her powers to save the both of them. In the final scene of the episode we see Tobias visiting Kalil in his hospital room offering him a deal to change his life forever.
Okay not I’ve got that out the way, let me say all the things I liked and disliked about this episode. Let’s start off with the good. One of the parts I liked about the episode is the dinner scene with Anissa. When she as sitting down having dinner with her parents and neighbors she was going in on how she’s tired of the police not doing their jobs and how Black Lightning is needed in the city. What made the scene funnier is that Jefferson and his ex wife kept looking back at each other knowing damn well he was Black Lightning. Another part I enjoyed was the interactions between Jennifer and Kalil. Even though I felt like it was a little bit rushed I still like how much he cares about her and how she’s trying to be there to support him.

Okay now I can get into the bad. Bruh what’s up with the main bad guy Tobias? I don’t know there’s just something about him that doesn’t scream out “threat” to me. If anything I’m more scared of that female bodyguard of his that doesn’t talk. I don’t know its still early in the season so hopefully he’ll begin to grow on me. Also this wasn’t a big issue, but didn’t like the whole Tobias trying to use Kalil to get back to Black Lightning thing. It just seemed so predictable to me. That’s just my opinion though. But overall it was an enjoyable episode to watch.

This is defiantly a must watch so if you haven’t started yet.