This year, the streaming platform known as Twitch, has decided to celebrate Black History Month.To celebrate, they are putting various POC streamers on the front page of the site which is a pretty big deal. Racism has been a problem on the platform for quite a while, so it’s nice that they’re finally trying to up the diversity and do something about it.

Each day in February, a streamer of color will get to be on the front page. Meaning they’ll be in the spotlight. They’ll be one of the first streams you see when you go to the website. Twitch even released a nice little video of some of the streamers to announce this project and what it means to them.

I’m all for diversity and I really hope Twitch doesn’t stop there. I would like to see Twitch celebrate the history months for other POC. If you want diversity, all people of color should get their time to shine. Representation in media is so important even on streaming websites. However, I am worried about one thing.

Will they actually come to the aid of streamers of color? Black streamers get harassed everyday just for being themselves. I’ve been harassed, friends, and streamers I personally mod for have been harassed. Racism towards black people, usually in the form of the triHard emote, is spammed in chats. Even is chats where the streamer isn’t black. Will Twitch finally put their foot down on this and enforce the rules? Will Twitch fight for this Twitch Unity movement all year? Next month, is Women’s History Month, for example. Only time will tell.

Below is the schedule of streams for each day. Be sure to tune in!