Have you heard the news? If not, better late than never! Superstitious is HERE. SYFY’s new very black supernatural show about a family, the Hastings, who use “arcane weaponry and mystical skills to battle evil”. The family owns a funeral home in this should-be quiet town that seems to be host to all things creepy, the Hastings take care of the mysterious and often gruesome deaths of town folk at the hands of demons and other otherworldly creatures.

Watch Trailer Here: Superstition

Has this been the show all of us supernatural obsessed blerds been waiting for? Maybe. Small town of LaRochelle, Georgia is plagued with all types of demons trying to reek havoc on the town, the only thing between this town turning into one of the seven levels of Dante’s Inferno are the Hastings and their supernatural badassery.

With an awesome line of actors to really compel the audience: Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City, Judgement Day, Ali) as Issac the patriarch of the family; his daughter Morgana Van Peebles as Garvey his granddaughter; Brad James the returned son; Robinne Lee as witch and wife of Issac; Demetria McKinney the small town cop apart of the super natural madness; and Tatiana Zappardino as the mortician and forensic scientist.

The first episode was a taste of what’s to come, ending on a huge cliffhanger trying to draw the audience into the show for the rest of the ride. We get a glimpse into what motivates each of the characters and are really going to have a wild ride unraveling the mystery of the Hastings legacy in La Rochelle and what all these demons are up to.

Let us know if you’re watching Superstition or if you will binging when it arrives on Netflix. Full episodes are available on SYFY if you’re interested, or tune into SYFY Friday nights at 10/9 central.

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