Hey nerds!

It’s our 3 year anniversary this month. Three whole years! We’ve been pretty, brown, and nerdy our whole lives, but 3 years ago we sought out to change the nerd community, and what it looked like, starting with Youtube.

I just have a very short rant. Just something I have noticed while browsing through some of my favorite geek-centric shows.

Take a look at the gaming community on youtube, and what do you see? Who do you see? Within the geek space in general. Look at your favorite geek-centric web shows and movie reviewers.

Where is the diversity?

The truth is, everything about the geek space is…well….white. You rarely ever see a black person filling any of these spots— which blows my mind because I personally know so many great black creators who are in love with everything about geek culture from sci-fi, video games, comic books, to anime.

Are there just not that many of us?

The answer to that is: No.

There are plenty of black nerds out here on the internet. Who the hell do you think has been creating all the hype for Marvel’s Black Panther? You think if that wasn’t something black folk clearly wanted, Marvel would even bother bringing T’Challa to the big screen? What about Black Lightening? Who do you think Warner Bros and DC Comics are trying to cater to? The community knows we are out here. They just aren’t looking or just doesn’t care. So what do they do? They hire Sally and Bryan to be the hosts of your favorite geek shows. Sally being a tall hot blonde chick, and Bryan being a not-so-attractive bearded fellow with glasses that looks like he could live in his mothers basement (seriously. look at your favorite hosts of xyz shows.).

The truth is, and has always been that if we want to see ourselves in these spaces, we have to go out create a space for ourselves. And the worst part is, when we create these spaces for ourselves by creating something like “Pretty Brown & Nerdy“, “Black Girl Nerds” or “Black nerd Problems“, the community then suggests we are separating ourselves from everyone else and causing some sort of “divide” within an (already incredibly racist) geek community.

Black nerds exist. And it’s time that companies start realizing that. There are plenty of black nerd internet personalities out here that can fill these spots. Stop sleeping on us, and start working with us.

Here are some lesser-known nerdy/geeky black creators (aside from us) that you may not know of that you should really check out!

“Let’s Talk Movies and Shows”

3 hilarious youtubers that post movie and TV show reviews on their channel, as well as funny skits!

Cheyenne Jaz Wize

One of the most dedicated and hard working cosplayers and nerds on the internet. She’s done videos in the past for the DC Comics Fans Channel. And also has a youtube channel, where she gives her opinions on whats going on in the geek world. She even does cosplay tutorials!

Curious Joi

Gamer, youtuber, Marvel junkie. Follow Joi for everything geek related!

Who are some of your favoirte black geeks on the internet? List them below!


Co-founder of prettybrownandnerdy.com Cheyenne Ewulu is a host, comedian, YouTuber, nerd, blogger, actress and pop culture lover.