If you’ve been following John Boyega’s social media since his casting in the 2015 box office hit Star War: The Force Awakens, he is known for being a fellow Blerd. His figure collections have made numerous appearances in his snaps on Snapchat. Along with the occasional glimpse of him playing the Naruto fighting games and Star Wars: Battlefront. John’s been catching up on the hit anime show Attack on Titan. Recently he went on Instagram and Twitter to express his undying hatred and annoyance for Eren Jeager, The lead character of the series, and the nerd community is living for it! (Via John Boyega Twitter account) (Via John Boyega Twitter account)
Anime fans were loving every moment of it, some even defending their problematic fav. Eren is doing his best John! cut him some slack. His been through some stuff (Via: John Boyega Insta Snap)
Don’t worry John we get it. We hate Eren Just as much as you do. What till you watch Evangelion and get a dose of Shiji Ikari’s character.