Overwatch fans rejoice! Blizzard Entertainment announced this week that it will be commencing the three week long celebration of Overwatch’s 1-year anniversary. The event kicks off Tuesday, May 23 and ends on Monday, June 12. Overwatch: Game of The Year edition drops Tuesday, May 23 for PS4 and Xbox one digitally, and PC. More event details are to be revealed. Here is what we know so far.

(Video: Overwatch Anniversary | YEAR ONE | Thank You, Heroes!. Courtesy Bizzard Entertainment)

If you’ve wanted to get into Overwatch, then you’re in luck. Overwatch will be free to play from Friday, May 26 to Monday May 29. new players will have full access to all the games features and unlocked items and customization. Any progress made can be transferred upon purchase. You’ll be able to enjoy a full free weekend of the game. Don’t miss out!

Additionally, Overwatch team unvieled 3 new maps that appear to be a new areas in Dorado, Eichenwalde, and Temple of Anubus!