Finally, our boy in blue is getting the screen time he deserves.

It looks like Warner Brothers is ready to add the former Boy Wonder into the DC Extended Universe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers has plans to throw Dick Grayson into the mix–and we couldn’t be any more thrilled.

Chris Mckay, director of the recent The Lego Batman Movie film, is rumored to be directing this new Nightwing movie and The Accountant writer, Bill Dubuque, is said to be writing the script.

The character Robin has yet to appear in any (recent) DC films, however after Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, many fans speculated that Warner Brothers had plans to completely kill off the character after seeing the battered uniform in the movie.

(Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice)

Zack Snyder never explained which Robin was killed off, but most comic book fans guessed that it was Jason Todd.

Could this be part of the reason why the Teen Titans TNT show was eventually scrapped?

Some fans believe that throwing in a Nightwing film before ever introducing Robin in a movie might be a careless move on Warner Brothers part, and that it’s just another case of DC trying to play “catch up”.