Today at this year’s Magic Monaco during Square Enix’s presentation, Tetsuya Nomura offered us a little sneak peak into how development of the Final Fantasy VII remake is going. Nomura revealed two new images from the games first mission of the bombing of sector one.

Check out this comparison of the games first boss fight, the giant guard scorpion.

It offers a glimpse into the sleek new battle system, and the noticeable addition of the slot for both magic and materia. Tesuya Normura’s statement during the presentation offered some insight on the newly revealed images.

“Tetsuya Nomura: Here is the first boss in FFVII Remake, the Guard Scorpion! The UI is almost complete as well, while many has misinterpreted our progress in latest the interview, I’m proud to say that we have quite a lot of stuff done. We are polishing the ‘team’ feature and destructible environments which can be done during the battles. Also I think you notice Materia option, right? I will talk more about this and other things about the game very soon! And the surprise? Please wait a little more! I hope to please all the fans very soon with the things coming that are planned as well as a distributed ‘demonstration!’ See you next time!”

Much of the decelopment for part one of the game is complete and they are focuing on polishing the UI. The game will include limit breaks just as the original. Brand new features have been added such as: team attacks and ‘destructible environments’ which will be featured in various boss fights like the Scorpion Boss fight. Tetsuya Nomura noted that the UI is near final and to expect a ‘demonstration’ that fans will love soon.