So, we often get questions, mainly for Camille, about HOW she fits all of that wonderful hair under all of her cosplay wigs! There’s really no magic to it. In fact, if you have #bighairproblems, just follow these easy steps, and you too can fit your lions main under a slim cosplay wig without having any bumps or breakage! You might even get a bomb twist out after all this is done! (Bomb twits out not promised.)

STEP 1: Wet your hair

Make sure your hair is wet. Wet hair is easy to manipulate, and you will need the moisture for this tutorial! So grab that spray bottle and SPRAY!


STEP 2: Separate your hair into 4 sections!

You’re going to need to, as neatly as you can, separate your hair into 4 even sections. Two in the front, and two in the back, ideally. If you need to, go ahead and spray your hair with water a little more to make the separation easy if you are prone to tangles and breakage.


STEP 3: Twist it, baby, twist it!

Now that your hair has been separated into four pigtails, go ahead and begin twisting those sections into 4 big twists. Use a wide tooth comb if necessary to make the process go by smooth.



Start creating 4 bantu knots out of the twists that you have created. Take one twist and roll it around itself, using as many bobby-pins as you need to secure it and make sure it holds.


Your hair should look like THIS now!


STEP 5: Wig cap time!

Now that you hair is in bantu knots, you should be able to place your wig cap over it. Camille suggest that if you have super thick hair, it would be better to double wig-cap it. Place at least 2 wig caps over to avoid any possible bumps or budges after putting on your cosplay wig. You also want to secure your wig with bobby pins.


STEP 6: You’re done!

You are all done! You are now ready to shine in your cosplay wig, and rip the con runway. Slay, slay, slay!


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