Following the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year, Fallout fans rushed to their nearest stores Monday night for the midnight launch of Fallout 4. Not only did Bethesda Studios release the Pip Boy edition of the game – the studio revealed to fans that they would also be able to enjoy their very own bottle of Nuka Cola. Limited cases of the soda would be available for purchase in Target stores nation wide. While this was amazing news for Falllout fans, the crisis that came after was something that many were not prepared for.

On November 10, 2015, the official release day of the game, fans lined up at their local Target stores right at 8:00 am to grab their case of Nuka Cola. Within 30 minutes stores sold out of the item. Thus began the chaos on social media and target stores everywhere. Fans took the Facebook and Twitter to express their outrage for the scarce supply of the soda.

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Many individuals began to blame target employees, accusing some of holding cases of the soda for themselves and for friends. Others felt that the procedure followed for the big release was not handled properly by Target management. Some stores were allowing people to by multiple cases, while other stores were limiting to one case per person. Hours after the release scalpers already made their way over to eBay and Amazon to post their haul at outrageous prices.

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And while it’s agreeable that all stores should have implemented the one case per person policy, each store is managed differently and depends solely on the decisions of management. It was clear from the beginning that this would be a limited item, and only so much of the product would be produced. There was no guarantee that every fan would get a case of the soda. However, it’s not management that is experiencing the wrath of Fallout fans, but the employees of Target. They have also taken to social media to express their distaste for the attitudes of some fans who have come to their stores looking for the soda.

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A good majority of the employees that deal with Gamers like this are just following the procedure they are given from management of the companies they work for. They have no say in how these limited releases are handled. With that said there is really no reason to throw tantrums and disrespect the employees over something so minute as a bottle of soda. A simple “Thank you for the information, and help.” is enough and then carry on. We need to be aware of how we
treat others, and with Black Friday coming up it will not get any better. We have become so fixated on concept of consumerism that we as consumers forget and act as if we have no manners or home training.

One of the issues with the gaming community, is that many have this issue with entitlement; feeling as if people owe them something. Whether it’s a working class citizen, or someone living in their parents basement, Every few months or so with major game/limited edition console releases some feel the need to go on a tyrant about what they feel they should get and how it’s so unfair that an item sold out before they were able to buy it. Most items are sold on a first come first serve basis. so if you were not able to get the item, you were not as fast as the other person. There will always be opportunities to refer to Amazon and eBay posts. Even though that’s not the best option,
lets face it, if they really want it they are going to by it.

The petty tantrums don’t stop there. Extreme fanboys have even targeted other fans of the game for not referring to one of the versions of the soda by its full name.

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the pettiness is heavy within that one.

One thing we can take from this, is that years from now something like this is not even going to matter. We have to look at the bigger picture that there are other things going on within our society that we should be focusing on more than a limited edition bottle of soda. With that said, let’s remember that it’s not a big deal. We are better than this.