Fall has began and already there has been a strong start to the season. While many shows are trying to grab views, there are a few summer anime that have closed out worth watching. Whether you’re a foodie, into ganstas, or the occassional love story, here are a few anime that closed out for the summer to catch up on:

Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki - 2015-04 - Large

If you’re into cooking competitions, or just love food in general, Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) will cater to your foodie needs. Food Wars follows the adventures of Soma Yukihira, whose dream is to become a full-time chef in his father’s restaurant, and surpass his culinary skills. once Soma graduates middle school, his father, Joichiro Yukihira, gets job in America and closes down the family restaurant indefinitely. Soma is asked about his plans after Middle school, and without much of a good answer in response his father enrolls him in an elite culinary school where only 10% of the students manage to graduate.


With the occasional fan service and over exaggerated foodgasms, Food Wars is definitely refreshing and something different for the anime community to enjoy. The anime dives into various cooking techniques, art and sciences of the culinary world educating the viewer while also remaining enjoyable to watch. The exceptional animation of the food is something to take note of, and I don’t recommend watching this anime with an empty stomach. Five minutes of one episode will have you wanting to reach through the screen and devour each dish.

24 episodes, ongoing manga



One of the most anticipated and successful anime of the summer, Gangsta is one anime that you don’t want to sleep on. The story is mainly centered around two “Handymen” Worrick and Nicolas, who take on jobs for both the mob and the police force that no one else can handle. the duo work in the town of Ergastulum, which is full of mafia, hoodlums, prostitutes, and dirty cops. The two cross paths with Alex Benedetto a former prostitute who becomes their secretary, and the series follows the three’s shenanigans.

Gangsta is action packed with a catchy original soundtrack to back it up. What hooked me to the show was not only the action, but the diverse characters. Notable character Alex,  half Black half Japanese, and Nicolas. Nicolas is one of the strongest characters in the show. The characters rely on him a lot during throughout the course of the series. Nicolas is an asset, but Nicolas is also deaf. Despite his disability, the writer does not handicap his character, and center the story around the fact that he is hearing impaired. It is briefly touched upon, and the story progresses. The use of sign language is uncommon in anime and added to the show’s charm. Filled with mob wars and nonstop action, Gangsta is definitely one of the top anime of the season.

12 episodes, ongoing manga

My love story


Ore Monogatari (My Love Story) does not end without being placed on my top list of summer anime this year.

Takeo Gōda, is a tall and muscular student who doesn’t have much luck with women, as every girl he likes ends up falling for his best friend, Makoto Sunakawa (Suna), who is charming and good-looking. This all changes when he saves Rinko Yamato, a small shy girl who, above all other expectations, falls in love with Takeo, beginning a unique love story.


what I love most about this anime is that it exceeds the expectations of your typical RomCom anime. In most cases the story is centered around the attractive bishounen male, and cutesy female characters. The main focus however, is the life of Takeo. Takeo is not by any means ideal. He is not your tall handsome prince charming. The show does not focus on putting the characters against eachother, or constantly comparing Takeo to his best friend Suna. Also….wait for it….it’s not a love triangle! The show is really such a breath of fresh air and has lovable characters that we can relate to. If your looking for a slice of life, RomCom anime check out My Love Story.

24 episodes, manga ongoing.

God Eater


Based of the game God Eater Burst, the story follows the events from the early 2050s, life forms known as Oracle Cells begin their uncontrolled consumption of all life on Earth. Their appetite and remarkable adaptability earn them the name dread, then awe, and become universally known as Aragami. The creatures are completely immune to conventional weapons, civilization collapses, and each day humanity is driven further toward extinction. One hope remains. weapons known as “God Arcs” living weapons which incorporate Oracle Cells, their wielders are organized into an elite force “God Eaters” to fight in the war to save humanity.


God eater is action packed and full of enough crazy battle scenes to keep you on the edge of your seats. The anime is a quick to speed through with only 9 episodes to watch as of now. you can catch the last 4 episodes scheduled to be shown sometime in the winter according to the studio.