Why the #RnBComics tag is the best tag ever

Damn, Blerd twitter! Back at it again with the iconic hashtags! Black Nerd twitter has done it again. They’ve started a new hashtag for nerds to take part in, and it’s #RnBComics. Yes, you read it right. “RnB Comics”. Two things every black nerd loves. The tag was originally started by twitter user Steph_I_Will and…


How I fit my BIG HAIR under a cosplay wig!

So, we often get questions, mainly for Camille, about HOW she fits all of that wonderful hair under all of her cosplay wigs! There’s really no magic to it. In fact, if you have #bighairproblems, just follow these easy steps, and you too can fit your lions main under a slim cosplay wig without having…


Cosplay Photography: It’s easily accessible, unless you’re a PoC

Cosplay has risen to popularity from various T.V shows, and with it’s immersion in various retail stores like Hot Topic, it’s safe to say the cosplay community is no longer some secret society. with intricate costumes, crazy props, and creature costumes, it’s no surprise the photographers have gravitated into the community to capture the creations on…


Nuka Cola: Fallout Fan Crisis

Following the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year, Fallout fans rushed to their nearest stores Monday night for the midnight launch of Fallout 4. Not only did Bethesda Studios release the Pip Boy edition of the game – the studio revealed to fans that they would also be able to…


5 Nerdy Ideas for The Holidays

The holidays are approaching fast. Whether you’ll be indulging in delicious Thanksgiving meals, Black Friday shopping, or watching reruns of the Harry Potter movies and the 12 days of Christmas line up on ABC Family, here are some crafty nerdy ideas for the holidays. 1. Nerd themed Christmas trees If you live with Family, Roommates…


Nintendo Direct Wrap Up

Earlier this afternoon Nintendo swept the Internet with another Nintendo Direct. This is the first Nintendo Direct since the passing of former president Satoru Iwata. A lot of Nintendo fans were anticipating the live-stream ,and the announcements regarding games set to be released next year. In case you couldn’t tune in to the live-stream, don’t fret, PBN…


5 Shows you should be watching this fall

Fall is here! And if you are a TV addict like me, then you know what this time of year means for us. Sure, the weather gets colder. Leaves change into that pretty shade of orange and brown. Oh, and we can’t forget, pumpkin spice latte’s, right? (No?) All that stuff is great and very…